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november 26, 2019

New store art for super high ball

Getting the Steam store page ready, apart of all the settings and game "builds" needed to have the page ready, I had to make extra art for the game page, here are some of them. Not final but close to what I want,


MAY 06, 2019

New logo for super high ball

After a long weekend away from work, I have decided to rework on Super High Ball logo!

During the many times, I showed the game to my friends and online; peoples were continually talking about the logo!

Now is time to show the new logo. It might change again, but I'm pretty happy with it right now.


Feb 27, 2019

Super High Ball - Games UX Surgery

If you follow Emberstone Interactive on Twitter, you might have seen that Graham McAllister from Game UX Surgery has done a video reviewing Super High Ball User Experience.

He did cover the tutorial of the game by pointing at what is not working and how these issues could be fixed.

It has been a massive help for me, and I did apply his suggestions, he might do a new video reviewing the fixes.


But for now, here is the video Graham has done:



You can follow Graham on Twitter or on Youtube:

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  • YouTube
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