• Emberstone Interactive

  • Based in London, United Kingdom


  • Windows (Steam Early Access): Early 2020

  • Xbox One, PS4, Switch, IOS, Android: TBA


Press Kit


Super High Ball is a 3D pinball platformer video game where you have to bring a ball to the top of a mountain. It is a unique blend between a pinball game and a precision physics-platformer.

To progress, you have to bring the ball from the start to the end of each level, going through tight jumps, long gaps, timed lasers and a lot of traps. Control flippers scattered across the level, use canons to project the ball, and use the power to slow down the ball.

Super High Ball is difficult due to its unique gameplay, but it is fun and addictive.


Super High Ball is the first game developed by Emberstone Interactive, a one-man studio based in London founded in 2015 by Michael Hunault, a visual effects artist.

Super High Ball is developed with the Unreal Engine 4, the developer has used different VFX Softwares and technics to achieve the visuals of the game. It is currently developed for Steam for Windows but will be available later on Mac, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The game might come on Playstation system and maybe mobile devices.


  • Unique gameplay mixing pinball and hardcore physic-platformer.

  • A learning curve that brings new game mechanics as you progress.

  • Challenging hand-crafted levels.

  • Fast gameplay, die and retry, fun and addictive.

  • Leaderboard feature to compete with friends or with the rest of the world.

  • Ball customization, change the colour, material and trail of the ball and more.

  • Unique colourful environment made of low-poly.

  • B-Roll version of each level, much more difficult, with more gameplay mechanics and way of playing.

steam Early access

As it is the first game of the studio and the developer first step into the video game industry,

Super High Ball will need feedback and balancing along with the development. That is why the game is coming as early access, to learn more about it, please click here.


More images can be found at different resolution on this Google Drive.